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              Shenzhen Dongxin Gaoke Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

              Building the world's leading supplier and service provider of plasma surface treatment equipment

              Founded in 1998, Shenzhen Dongxin Hi-Tech Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest national high-tech enterprises engaged in the research, development, production and sales of vacuum and atmospheric low-temperature plasma (plasma) technology, radio frequency and microwave plasma technology. It is affiliated to Eastcom Hi-Tech Plasma Technology (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited and is headquartered in Hong Kong. At present, the company has established the Plasma Division, the Ultrasonic Cleaning Division, the Automation Equipment Division, and the Plastic Welding Division. Products cover plasma surface treatment, ultrasonic cleaning, electroplating, refrigeration and other fields.

              In order to meet the needs of plasma surface treatment processes at home and abroad, the Eastcom High-Tech Plasma Division has joined the German Plasma Research Institute, the Institute of Plasma Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the German Diener Laboratory and other domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, and invested a large amount of money to develop Plasma cleaning machine, plasma etching machine, plasma stripping machine, plasma surface treatment equipment, plasma cleaning machine and atmospheric pressure plasma polishing, polishing system and other automation equipment. Products are widely used in packaging, plastic products, telecommunications, automotive, home appliances, optoelectronics, textiles, semiconductors and precision manufacturing industries, especially in surface coating, surface bonding, surface cleaning. After nearly two decades of development, constantly innovating technology and products, successfully promoted China's low-temperature plasma technology in plasma dust, crystal, material synthesis, micro-nano technology, chemical, environmental protection, surface polymerization, surface grafting, surface etching , surface catalysis, metal nitriding, chemical synthesis and the development of gas, liquid, solid material treatment.

              With strong scientific research strength, the company has successfully applied for a number of technical patents. The company has successively reached with Fortune 500 companies, American AAC Group, Epson Electronics, China Weapons Group, China Electronics Technology Group, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, Southeast University Optoelectronics Laboratory, Shenzhen BYD Co., Ltd. and other Fortune 500 companies and research units. The strategic cooperation agreement has become the designated supplier of ultrasonic and plasma processing equipment for the above-mentioned enterprises and units.

              Companies adhering to the spirit of integrity, hard work, innovation, people-oriented, efficient service business philosophy, based in China, facing the world, to create the world's leading plasma surface treatment equipment suppliers and service providers!